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Native American Leadership Alliance 

Establishing Reconciliation and Peace


 NALA Chapters promote programs which strengthen the unity of marriage and reunite families in ways that honor our ancestors and keep our traditions alive. 


 NALA sponsors path-crossing, reconciliation ceremonies conducted throughout the Americas, bringing healing to the human family, all the children of the Creator.


 NALA brings the power of traditional healing and reconciliation to the world. NALA has initiated a special program in the Middle East, the center of global conflict, and is planning other initiatives to address global problems including the conflict in North/South Korea. NALA Leader Gayokla Nichi will be traveling to Columbia and Panama December 12-17, 2005. News from his trip will be printed on this site in January.

Special Recognition:

NALA Leaders appoint  "Ambassadors for Peace", honoring the First People whose lives exemplify working for reconciliation and peace.

If you would like to have NALA come and speak at your event or in Country,
please contact Gayokla Nichi at: 626-589-9814

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