Native American Leadership Alliance 

Establishing Reconciliation and Peace


Robert Joseph           British Columbia
Ramón Isaias           Columbia –Amazons
Dr. Matzar           Guatemala – Inca nation
Gayokla Nichi           California
Bee Castro           Michigan
Steve Revese           Montana
Saginaw Grant


Eddie McCray           New Mexico
Shuki Ben Ami           Jerusalem
Verola Spider           South Dakota
Linda Cornier           Colorado
James Treat           Alaska
Fred Simpson            Washington State
John Dickson           Oregon


  NALA is a non-profit organization under the 501(c)(3) federal tax laws.
 This means that all donations to NALA are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.
NALA is an all-volunteer effort and depends on donations from users.


NALA is organized through executive councils that include all tribes.  These state or regional councils strive to promote reconciliation and peacemaking in families, communities and between our tribes.  Due to the unique, sacrificial course of The First People, we are now being called by the Creator to lead others not only in our own communities but world wide to reconciliation and peace, ending the cycle of revenge and retribution.  Since NALA’s mission is reconciliation it welcomes people of all races.  As an Alliance, NALA works with other organizations toward healing, reconciliation and unity.

The Chairman of NALA’s first pilgrimage to Israel and of the 2006 special project, Dr. Robert Joseph, is the hereditary chief of the Kwagiulth Nation of Vancouver Island. Chief Joseph has been involved in First Nations activities at the local, provincial and national levels. He has also provided leadership, counseling and support for former students of Indian residential schools and helped to improve relationships between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities and governments.                                             

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